Artist Statement

Travel and photography have been constant elements of my life.

Traveling satisfies a primitive call to explore, a need to go beyond my own fears, to reach out to and communicate with people and nature, and to feel part of my own surroundings.

Photography is a means, a formal language with no boundaries. As Salgado says, "it is an aesthetic way to communicate".

To photograph is to establish a connection by engaging eyes, heart and mind in order to fix a vision, an emotion, a ''something'' that represents a split second of life suspended in the eternity of time.

Those seconds make our story, translated into images.

My composite Oltre — Un mondo Immaginifico (Something Else: A World Imagined) represents an effort to go beyond reality and create harmony through layering several images, combining actuality and vision, an oneiric world inspired by love of humanity, by beauty and by hope.


Daria Cipriani was born in Tuscany, Italy and she now lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Her love affair with the lens started at 19 when she boarded her first ship as a Merchant Marine officer, carrying a sextant and a small camera.

As she crossed the oceans the camera became her constant companion, documenting her experience. Today she continues to travel worldwide as a professional photographer.

Daria Cipriani is represented by Simons Gallery (The Netherlands, Miami, Mexico City) and has exhibited three in Art Basel Week Miami, at Spectrum 2015, Aqua Art Miami 2016, New York Art Expo 2017, MiamiArt Context December 2017. Her work is included in the permanent art collection of Florida International University in Miami, Florida, housed at the FIU Honors College.